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What Makes NICE Different?

Virtual CNA Certification

Aside from clinicals, the NICE CNA course is entirely virtual. It is a comprehensive cloud-based training program to prepare individuals for careers as CNAs. The training is enhanced with Hollywood-quality videos that depicts the life of a newly hired CNA; animated simulations; informative video interviews with real-life medical personnel; and 180 content videos, quizzes, and practice tests. The NICE CNA course goes beyond helping students learn required skills and achieve CNA certification. It also prepares them for the emotional and interpersonal challenges of the job—as well as its rewards.

Elite Career Skills Preparation

It is no secret that there are gaps in CNA career preparation. These gaps must be filled to prepare students for successful CNA careers. Traditionally, new CNA education covers clinical skills and does not prepare them for the very real challenges each and every CNA faces daily. NICE provides students with a variety of course content that enhances understanding of team building, conflict resolution, communication, and essential leadership skills. All of these skills will enable CNAs to work effectively with peers and colleagues at all levels throughout the organization, as well as have highly productive relationships with residents and family members.

Student-Centered, Career Approach

NICE provides student-centered education and career coaching to prepare each CNA graduate to navigate pitfalls and turn challenges into opportunities once they’re employed. This is significant, as research has uncovered that many newly certified nursing assistants cite feeling unwelcome or disrespected on the job and/or a negative work culture as their primary reasons for leaving the profession. The role of a CNA requires more than skills-based task training to prepare them for the situational experiences they will encounter. NICE gives these CNA graduates the tools and training to be effective mentors, colleagues, and thought leaders.

NICE Places CNAs

The goal of NICE is to not only produce the highest quality graduates ready to join the workforce, but also to continue the relationship after their certification. NICE helps each graduate find success in their career by connecting them with nursing homes that are vetted through the Institute’s accreditation standards. Ensuring newly certified nursing assistants are employed in environments where they can excel is vital to their job satisfaction and to the industry seeking to retain their high-quality talent.

Created by a National CNA Association

The National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA) has provided support to the CNA profession since 1995 and has a true and unique understanding of these practitioners. The organization’s history and knowledge of long-term care CNAs provide the necessary foundation on which to build solutions to the staffing crisis. CNAs trust NAHCA, and they listen to the organization and its leaders. NAHCA holds CNAs to a higher standard than what now exists in the nursing home industry—and its members consistently rise to that standard.

All the Tools You Need

NICE is preparing CNAs to have long and successful careers.