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Recruiting the Best People

NICE will use a combination of – digital marketing channels to drive prospects to its CNA career engagement website. Once registered on the website, the prospect will receive regular automated and manual communications to encourage them to pursue certification and how to do so. Additionally, current and former professional CNAs will be reinvigorated and provided support to achieve career success. Data audits will be performed to track results.

NICE is uniquely poised to speak to the heart of a person who wants to make a difference, educate the demographic, inspire action, support recruits, place recruits and to follow them for the remainder of their careers.

Digital Campaign

NICE will develop the digital marketing materials to support a nation-wide social media campaign that targets multiple age groups, with promotional materials crafted to speak directly to a wide spectrum of viewers. Platforms for the campaign will include social media, search engines, and websites. The message on these platforms will promote the CNA profession.

NAHCA has developed successful recruitment campaigns for skilled nursing homes, but retention is the space that has been focused on for more than two decades. Until the existing work culture is improved inside nursing homes, retention will continue to be the core issue impeding successful recruitment efforts.

NAHCA lends its workforce culture improvement programs to NICE to assist nursing homes’ retention success rate. This menu of programs includes the Enclave Principle, Preceptor Certification, and NAHCA Membership.