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Preparing the Best People

Rarely has there been a comprehensive approach to preparing CNAs for the “real life” field experience. Traditionally new CNA education covers clinical skills and does not prepare them for realistic challenges each and every CNA faces daily. The industry must prepare incoming CNAs to have long and successful careers. Therefore, NICE will take successful training programs one step further and go beyond compliance to educate the learner on essential skills such as teambuilding, conflict resolution, and communication.

Student-Centered Education vs. Skills-Based Training

NICE will provide student-centered education and career coaching to prepare each CNA graduate to navigate pitfalls and turn challenges into opportunities once they’re employed. Newly certified nursing assistants have indicated the primary reasons for leaving the profession is they felt unwelcome, disrespected, and believe the work culture is negative, especially from other CNAs. The role of a CNA requires more than skills-based task training to prepare for the situational experiences they will encounter.

CNAs are taught to provide person-centered care; therefore, CNAs need to be educated on a student-centered basis. Student-centered education allows each student to work with their NICE career coach to individualize their development potential. This provides each student an opportunity to shape their career to match the special needs of those living in long term care.

Certification and Preparation

NICE will provide a series of informational briefs that allow the candidate to understand process expectations and intended outcomes. The content will address the learning management system (LMS) and how to navigate it, required course materials, the presentation of the content, opportunity to practice for the exam, and expectations of the learner.

Career Skills

It is no secret that there are gaps in CNA career preparation. These gaps must be filled in order to prepare students for successful CNA careers. NICE will provide students with a variety of course content that enhances understanding of teambuilding, conflict resolution, communication, and essential leadership skills.

CNAs need to be able to successfully communicate with their peers, their residents, and the nursing home leadership in order to be effective. CNAs have historically been met with a high level of resistance when it comes to their peers and immediate supervisors, so equipping them with conflict resolution skills is important in order to support both their colleagues while also meeting residents’ needs. Leadership is the act of utilizing influence and is not always a formal position. Honing leadership skills among CNAs is essential to empowering them in the care of their residents but also in leading peers when necessary. CNAs must be able to use all career skills to only be an effective member of a team. Adding career skills training will help prevent job burnout and frustration, and it will keep great CNAs from leaving the profession.