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Become an Accredited Employer with NICE!

At NICE we are experts in training and certifying Nursing Assistants. As an Accredited Employer, you will have access to the best CNAs in the nation to recruit. Never again find yourself understaffed. Provide the best possible care for your residents with NICE CNAs!

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How does NICE work?

The National Institute of CNA Excellence is a one-stop shop for online training, certification, and placement.

You’ll begin by filling out an application to see if your building is a good fit for NICE CNAs. It is imperative to us to ensure our graduates are going to an employer that will help them thrive. The application will only take a few minutes to fill out and submit.

You will then be provided with a login and be given access to the NICE graduates. Simply sort by your location, find some CNAs that you’d like to employ, and begin your interview process.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


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Nursing Home Partner Accreditation

NICE works with nursing home employers to place CNAs in exchange for the tuition incurred by the graduate hired. You must become an approved NICE Employer Partner.

NICE prepares CNAs for real world nursing home challenges. 

They realize there are rough times ahead. They know they will often be seen as “the Newbie” coming in acting like she/he knows it all! 

NICE also knows the reality of the broken workforce culture existing in many nursing homes today. To meet that challenge head on, NICE requires Employer Partners to select currently employed CNAs to become NICE Preceptors. Preceptors are the only CNAs who are authorized to orientate/train NICE graduates.

Employer Partner Requirements:

  • Work with NICE staff to create an internal PRECEPTOR CERTIFICATION process and enroll selected CNAs into the program
  • Agree to pay the student tuition of $3000 per graduate hired
  • Agree to NICE conducting a mutual root cause analysis should employer partner turnover exceed 3 graduates in any 3 month period
  • Agree to serve as a clinical site for NICE students if facility is an approved state nurse aide training provider

NICE Agrees To:

  • Provide the state approved curriculum for nurse aide training and competency evaluation program
  • Provide employer partners with qualified certified nursing assistants
  • Provide a discount on future graduates should a hired graduate fail to honor their NICE Education Contract