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Credentialing the Best People

NICE credentialing includes meeting all state and federal requirements to be a practicing CNA and to meet the minimum number of hours of continuing education. In addition to the federally and state required number of nurse aide training hours, NICE will provide supplementary hours of education of life skills, communication, team building, conflict resolution, and resident advocacy training. The academic portion of this course will be hosted on a virtual LMS and the clinical portion will be conducted in-person through contract services.

Virtual CNA Course

The NICE CNA course is a comprehensive cloud-based training program to prepare individuals for careers as CNAs. The program revolves around “The Residents,” a three-hour, Hollywood-quality movie that depicts the life of a newly hired CNA. The training is complemented with animated simulations; informative video interviews with real-life medical personnel; and 180 content videos, quizzes, and practice tests. The NICE CNA course goes beyond helping students learn required skills and achieve CNA certification. It also prepares them for the emotional and interpersonal challenges of the job—as well as its rewards.