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How does the National Institute of CNA Excellence work?

NICE is the solution to the CNA staffing crisis in skilled nursing homes. To ensure vulnerable residents are receiving safe and quality care, there must be adequate numbers of exceptional CNAs in the nation’s nursing homes.

Poor image, recruitment issues, poor training, lack of support on the job and a perceived lack of growth opportunities contribute to CNA shortages and CNA turnover.

The National Institute of CNA Excellence (NICE) provides a one-stop virtual career center for everything CNA related, including recruitment, certification, job placement, continuing education, and ongoing career support.

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All The Tools You Need To Be A Successful Certified Nursing Assistant

Rarely has there been a comprehensive approach to preparing CNAs for the “real life” field experience. NICE prepares incoming CNAs to have long and successful careers. NICE takes successful training programs one step further to go beyond compliance to educate the learner on essential skills such as team-building, conflict resolution, and communication.